National Surety Specialists

Goldleaf Surety provides peace of mind; the kind that allows agents to focus on servicing your existing insurance book while still being able to provide your clients with instant access to almost every type of bond they will ever request, from performance bonds to almost every other type of surety and fidelity bond that may be needed. Goldleaf Surety navigates the bonding process and government regulations on behalf of you, your clients, and their companies, transforming a cumbersome process into a chance to prepare their business for bond opportunities now, and again in the future when their business needs to grow.

Our Customers are talking...

I want to commend you on your approach to helping us with this opportunity. I am impressed that you were interested enough in our business and this project to visit the plant and meet with us in person. Also, the flexibility of viewing the contract in 3 parts, (design, construction, and installation) helped us manage risk, and reduced our exposure to retainage on the entire value of the project.

— Dan, General Manager