Why We Are Different

As one of the most comprehensive surety services companies in the United States, Goldleaf Surety is a bonding source unlike any other. We set the industry standard high, so we can assist with the business success of our clients. When other surety bond specialists or companies are restricted by size, specialty divisions, or other constraints that limit the entire bonding process, Goldleaf brings it all together under one roof for an expedient and pleasant surety bond procurement experience.

Goldleaf Surety’s twenty year track record of helping contractors and other businesses obtain the assistance needed to secure bonds is turning heads in the industry, especially when we’re able to achieve what many aren’t able to do. Licensed in all 50 states, our surety specialists create surety bond results for all types of companies and specific bonding requirements. We are able to leverage key surety company partnerships to give Goldleaf Surety an advantage that we’re looking forward to proving to you.

Extensive Bonding Capabilities Help Businesses Grow

Goldleaf puts together an underwriting file that is one of the most comprehensive submissions in the industry thanks to our highly experienced staff and refined practices that guide applicants through a seamless process. Whether you’re looking for a license and permit bond, commercial bond, bid or performance bond, or hundreds of other bonds, Goldleaf has the processes and partnerships to make it happen.

“Goldleaf has demonstrated flexibility with us to secure the multi-million dollar bonds necessary to win and complete projects.” R. Jensen

Relationships Matter

Through our relationships with others within the surety industry, insurance companies, and clients, Goldleaf is helping shape the future for countless individuals who need the peace of mind proper surety programs provide.

When people stumble upon situations of hard to place surety bonds, let the team at Goldleaf step in and help. Through our relationships within the surety industry, as well as insurance providers and contractor clients, Goldleaf Surety knows what’s critical and how to supply you with feedback to improve your bonding ability and limits. We excel at providing consultation on what changes can be made now and into the future that will have a direct impact on prospective bonds.

We can provide the bonding technical expertise required for insurance agencies to provide bonding resources for their clients. This unique relationship allows insurances agents to provide direct, superior customer service to their own clients, while Goldleaf steps in to provide surety bond assistance. We work with key surety companies to put bonds in place, sometimes on very short timelines. A vast number of Goldleaf customers come from referrals from others, and we like it that way.

“Let Goldleaf be Your Agency’s Surety Bond Experts”

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