Bond Services

Goldleaf Surety provides peace of mind; the kind that allows agents to focus on servicing your existing insurance book while still being able to provide your clients with instant access to almost every type of bond they will ever request, from performance bonds to almost every other type of surety and fidelity bond that may be needed. Goldleaf Surety navigates the bonding process and government regulations on behalf of you, your clients, and their companies, transforming a cumbersome process into a chance to prepare their business for bond opportunities now, and again in the future when their business needs to grow.

Companies working with Goldleaf Surety depend on our team of bonding specialists for a unique experience and appreciate our attention to detail and prompt response time. We go beyond simply providing the assistance and documentation you need; forming lasting relationships that provide you with support throughout the process.

Goldleaf Surety Services, LLC is a national surety provider.  Goldleaf currently works with more than two dozen surety companies, all of whom are rated “Excellent” (or better) by A.M. Best Company and approved by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for bonding federal obligations (“T-Listed”). Including “standard” as well as “specialty” surety markets. Goldleaf’s surety network provides a deep and wide range of bonding capacity for bonds of all sizes and all classes of work.

Contract Bonds

Whether your insured is embarking on a new entrepreneurial adventure or has a well-established business, contract bonds should not stand between them and their dreams. Goldleaf Surety has the systems in place for getting the bonds needed efficiently.


Court/Fidelity Bonds

Court orders need to be carried out to fruition, and when that doesn’t happen court bonds guard against someone not taking their court ordered obligations seriously. In the private sector, employers need the protection and reassurance that fidelity bonds provide, to safeguard against employee actions. Goldleaf provides the assistance you need to secure any of the bonds that fall under court and fidelity bonds.


Large Commercial Bonds

Most large commercial businesses intent on aggressive growth goals need a significant size or amount of accounts with service contracts in place. Goldleaf is experienced in helping put large commercial bonds in place that allow procurement of bids for new projects, and we embrace unique situations in which many other bond companies aren’t interested.

License/Permit Bonds

Any number of professions requiring specific permits or licensing, and which are regulated by the government, may be required to obtain a license and permit bond. Goldleaf underwriters’ experience and our access to many surety markets allows us to place bonds when others may not be able to. We never shy away from hard to place bonds.


Private Equity Ownership Bonds

Working capital is often all that stands between transforming new business development ideas into reality. Goldleaf is experienced in handling bonds for companies acquired by private equity firms, and our staff understands what surety companies want to see, how to mitigate risk, and how to help clients meet the bond requirements.

Technology/Software Bonds

Advancements in software and technology are astounding. It’s important companies continue to shape the future through innovation and have the resources in place to let creativity usher in change. Obtaining the necessary software and technology bonds  to allow a company to advance is something Goldleaf Surety is ready to secure for you.