Private Equity Ownership Bonds

Working capital is often all that stands between transforming new business development ideas into reality. Goldleaf is experienced in handling bonding for companies acquired by private equity firms, and our staff understands what surety companies want to see, how to mitigate risk, and how to help clients meet the bond requirements.

Bonding for Companies Acquired by Private Equity Firms

Private Equity Ownership Bonds

Private equity firms provide working capital and/or equity to a company to assist in expansion, new product development, or restructuring of the company’s operations, management, or ownership. With the increase in the number of private equity firms that are looking for good investments, acquisitions of companies needing bonding have become more frequent in the past few years.

The proper structuring during the pre-acquisition period can significantly impact the bonding terms post-acquisition for the company. Goldleaf’s knowledge and expertise in handling bonds for companies acquired by private equity firms can facilitate the proper structuring of the acquisition in order to facilitate bonding.

If you need help securing a bond for a private equity owned company, Goldleaf is ready to assist. Clients who have selected to work with Goldleaf “feel fortunate to be in the hands of such a professional and reputable company.” We are excited to provide you with a “level of field expertise that you don’t get elsewhere.” Contact us today or begin the online application process now with our online Bond Kit.