Court/Fidelity Bonds

Court and Fidelity BondsCourt orders need to be carried out to fruition, and when that doesn’t happen court bonds guard against someone not taking their court ordered obligations seriously. In the private sector, employers need the protection and reassurance that fidelity bonds provide, to safeguard against employee actions. Goldleaf provides the assistance you need to secure the bonds that fall under court and fidelity bonds.

What are Court and Fidelity Bonds?

Court Bonds guarantee that an individual or organization will fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by a court. There are two types of court bonds; Fiduciary and Judicial Bonds.

Fiduciary Bonds ensure the person appointed by the court to handle the financial affairs of another will carry out his/her duties and comply with court orders.

  • Administrator Bond
  • Conservator Bond or Guardian Bond
  • Executor Bond
  • Trustee Bond
  • Receivership Bond


Judicial Bonds may be required for either defendants and/or plaintiffs to provide guarantees concerning litigation:

  • Replevin Bond – Plaintiff’s Bond To Secure
  • Replevin Bond – Defendant’s Bond to Recover Property Replevied
  • Indemnity of Sheriff Bond
  • Injunction Bond
  • Mechanics Lien Bond
  • Restraining Order Bond
  • Supersedes Bond

Fidelity Bonds  indemnify an employer against financial loss due to dishonesty of an employee or protect a business from certain types of damage caused by employees. There are several types of fidelity bonds, each providing specific coverage; Employee Dishonesty, Business Service, and Commercial Crime Bonds.

Employee Dishonesty Bonds guarantee against loss caused by dishonest officers or employees of a commercial firm or by dishonest public officials or employees.

Business Service Bonds protect a company’s clients from theft committed by  the company’s own employees:

  • Carpet Cleaning Bond
  • Food Catering Services Bond
  • Gardeners Services Bond
  • Home Nursing Services Bond
  • Home Photographers Bond
  • House Sitters Bond
  • Pet Sitters Bond
  • Janitorial Services Bond
  • Landscapers Services Bond
  • Locksmiths Bond
  • Maid Services Bond
  • Moving Company Bond
  • Painting Contractors Services Bond
  • Pest Control Services Bond
  • Security Guard Services Bond
  • Temporary Employments Services Bond

Commercial Crime Bonds can extend coverage to more than employees. There are seven basic agreements for a crime policy: Employee Theft, Forgery or Alteration; Inside the Premises – Theft of Money or Securities; Inside the Premises – Robbery or Safe Burglary of Other Property; Outside the Premises; Computer Fraud; and Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency.

ERISA Bonds or Pension Trust Bonds are designed to protect the money in the plans against fraud and dishonest acts by the person appointed to manage and oversee the program.

If you need a Court or Fidelity Bond, Goldleaf is ready to assist you.  Contact us now or get started with our online Bond Kit to expedite the process.