Who We Are

Jack_9016eJack Anderson, President: As President of Goldleaf, Jack oversees all operations of the company. It’s through his penchant for leading a top quality national surety agency that he focuses on building and maintaining strong relationships with key partners, agents, and long-time customers. Jack’s knowledge in surety underwriting and financial analysis helps Goldleaf underwriters to consistently place bonds for customers and constantly achieve high success rates. With a Certified Public Accountant background, Jack holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from St. Cloud State University.


Brenda_8990eBrenda Risa, Vice President/Secretary:  With over fifteen years of experience in bonding, Brenda has had the opportunity to work with a variety of industries from technology and construction to service-related companies. Brenda helps each company overcome obstacles that would otherwise stand in the way of obtaining the surety bonds necessary for their business to excel. Careful listening to short and long-term client goals aids her in providing a successful bonding experience. In addition to her management roll, she performs underwriting and marketing bid and final bond requests.


Rita JorRita_8980egenson, Vice President:  As an eighteen plus year Account Specialist with Goldleaf Surety, Rita takes care of underwriting and marketing bid and final bond requests. Rita provides bonding support for a wide variety of companies, including Native American owned companies and companies needing bonding in other countries. She is skilled at the review of contract terms to make sure the terms and conditions will be acceptable to the surety. Insurance agents appreciate the trust and repore she’s established so that bid deadlines are met every time. Rita has a BA Degree is in Retail Merchandising and Business from the University of Wisconsin Stout.


Lori Lori_9021eOlson, New Business Intake Manager:  When you are ready to explore your options and get your bonding needs clarified, Lori is the person to get the process rolling. As a New Business Intake Manager, Lori is able to see the big picture and pull together the paperwork and resources required to determine what type of bond, capacity, and terms are needed. Goldleaf clients are thankful for the thoughtful education and careful direction Lori provides, so that we procure above-standard underwriting files. Lori also handles the marketing and advertising for Goldleaf.  Lori has a BS in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


New inquiries & questions about Goldleaf bond applications should be directed to Lori.

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 Amy_8995eAmy Nordaune, Account Specialist:  Amy is skilled at providing the best bonding terms, and clients appreciate her careful consideration and analysis of influencing factors such as financial statements, credit reports, and references. She has over fifiteen years of experience in determining which surety will bond each situation. Amy knows what surety companies focus on and is familiar with unique surety niches. Amy takes care of underwriting and marketing bid and final bond requests. She has a BS Degree from Southwest State University in Business Administration, Finance; Minor in Accounting.


Brad_9010eBrad Koosmann, Account Specialist:  Brad’s role at Goldleaf Surety is helping companies of all sizes maintain the necessary bonding capacity, so they can continue to grow. Brad provides underwriting and markets bid and final bond requests, while striving to provide timely responses, superior advice and lasting relationships with our contractor clients. He’s experienced in working with both standard, as well as specialty contractors; part of what really sets Goldleaf Surety apart and elevates the complete surety services Brad and his associates provide year round. Brad has a BA Degree in Business and Mathematics from Concordia College, Moorhead.


Kristi_9005eKristi Enevoldsen, Commercial Bond Manager:  As a Commercial Bond Manager, Kristi focuses on the underwriting and placement of commercial bonds. She’s experienced in assisting with the proper execution and notarization of applications, general indemnity agreements and additional required forms. Kristi is skillful in placing License and Permit Bonds, Contractor License Bonds, and Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds for clients and agents. Kristi holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with Finance concentration from Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN.


Jarret BergJarett Berg, Account Specialist:  As an underwriter, Jarett works primarily with short-cut bond programs. He takes the time to get to know client needs, gain valuable insight into their company and background, and understand their project in its entirety. Careful listening and a genuine interest in helping clients acquire bonds without confusion or delay is of utmost importance to Jarett. He enjoys assisting customers with obtaining good bond rates and conditions, while simultaneously making the process straightforward and easy. He places great emphasis on insuring each client has a great experience with Goldleaf Surety. Jarett holds an AAS Degree in Agricultural Business and Management.