I’m Told I Need an Assurety Bond – What is That?

dictionaryWhen my son was young, we would often tell him he needed “an adult” to help him with a project he wanted to tackle.  Somehow, in translation, “an adult” ran together into one word so that in his vocabulary he was often asking for a “nadult” to assist him with his project.

An assurety bond runs along that same line.  Often we find when someone hears the words “You need a surety bond,” the words are being run together and come out sounding like “You need assurety bond.”  And so begins your chase for the elusive, unattainable (and non-existent) assurety bond.

What you do need is a surety bond and that is where Goldleaf Surety can help!

In simple terms a surety bond is a three party agreement which legally binds together the party needing the bond (principal), the party requiring the bond (obligee) and a surety company providing the bond.

Goldleaf’s knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the world of surety bonds – giving you expert help and guidance to determine what type of surety bond you need and making sure that the process of obtaining a bond is not the complicated and daunting experience encountered when searching for that assurety bond.