Goldleaf Surety Services Takes to the Ice

Ice FishingWith the cold and extended winter this year, Goldleaf Surety account specialists have taken to the ice! Perhaps only in the frozen tundra of the north are meetings with clients and sureties held in a fish house on a frozen lake.

But relationships matter to us, and we want to make sure we are helping our clients build their surety program by forming lasting relationship that provide the support they need.


Goldleaf President Jack Anderson, Vice President Brenda Risa, and Account Specialist Brad Koosmann spent several days in February with one of our surety markets. Along with the ice fishing, this was an opportunity for Goldleaf to become more familiar with the surety’s underwriting parameters and the surety to become more familiar with Goldleaf’s underwriting practices. Discussions like these provide Goldleaf the opportunity to get a better understanding of a surety’s appetite as well as give the surety a better understanding of Goldleaf Surety’s breadth and depth of knowledge on surety underwriting. All of which can be used to assist our clients in obtaining the best surety program available.


Goldleaf Account Specialist Rita Jorgenson met with one of her contractors and their surety underwriter in March to help facilitate the relationship between the contractor and the surety. While discussions of year-end financial statements and business plans are always important, just as important is building the human relationship – ensuring a true partnership between Goldleaf, the contractor and the surety.