International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

International Moment of Frustration Scream Day was created for those of us who sometimes get so frustrated that we could scream.  On this day, we are encouraged to unite with people all over the world by joining in a universal 30 second scream.

I can admit that there are many times that a 30 second, all out, from the bottom of my toes scream might sound like a great solution to my various frustrations.

When researching other ways to relieve frustration, one suggestion that came up on a regular basis was to phone a friend.  Which made me think of the life line on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  Your “phone a friend” life line allowed you to call someone who you felt had more knowledge about a particular subject and would likely be able to help you answer the question correctly.

When it comes to surety bonds, Goldleaf Surety wants to be that “phone a friend” resource.  Put Goldleaf Surety’s twenty year track record to work for your agency.  We can help you secure all your bond needs.  Whether you’re looking for a license and permit bond, court or fidelity bond, bid or performance bond, or hundreds of other bonds, Goldleaf has the knowledgeable staff, processes, and partnerships to make it happen.

Working with Goldleaf Surety allows your agents to focus on doing what they do best, servicing existing insurance accounts and prospecting for new ones, while still being able to provide your clients with instant access to almost every type of bond they will ever request.

So next time you become frustrated over a bond request from one of your clients and are tempted to scream, instead call Goldleaf Surety Services to assist!