Reliable, Responsive, Tenacious and Knowledgeable

Reliable Responsive Tenacious KnowledgeableI am not a native Minnesotan.  However, I did spend two weeks each summer of my childhood enjoying this state’s amazing lakes as my dad was an avid fisherman.   For this reason, Minnesota always held a special place in my heart.  However, even with these good memories, more than twenty years ago when my husband and I decided to move our two small children away from family to the state of Minnesota, we were both somewhat nervous about whether or not it was a good decision for our family.  I can honestly say that neither of us has had any regrets about the move.  The term “Minnesota Nice” is very true about the people of this state.  They have an amazing set of values and a work ethic which can be seen in everything they do.

And here at Goldleaf Surety Services, we are fortunate to have a staff of these reliable, responsive, knowledgeable, tenacious Minnesotans to assist you and your agency with all of your bonding needs.  It is important to us that you are getting the best experience when it comes to obtaining the bonds they need.

Reliable and responsive. The bonding experience can often be confusing and stressful to companies that are unfamiliar with the process.  Goldleaf’s staff is here to make sure the process is seamless.    Goldleaf Surety navigates the bonding process and government regulations on behalf of you, your clients, and their companies, transforming a cumbersome process into a chance to prepare their business for bond opportunities now and in the future.  Our attention to detail and prompt response time are just two of the items that set us apart.

“You have been excellent to work with and appreciate how thorough you are on all follow ups and answers to my questions.”

“[They] are a very important client to our company so your willingness to field my question late on a Friday afternoon is GREATLY appreciate! You are a lifesaver! We valued your troubleshooting ideas and your willingness to provide guidance is key to why we love to use Goldleaf!”

Tenacious.  A great work ethic and a willingness to get things done for you and your client is a cornerstone to Goldleaf Surety’s commitment to your clients.    We think outside the box.  When others are restricted by size, specialty division or other constraints, Goldleaf can step in and make securing the bond possible.  We know what is critical to obtaining bonds and how to supply you and your clients with feedback to improve bonding ability and limits.

“Goldleaf has really gone the extra mile for us, and that’s why we’ve stayed with them.”

“I want to commend you on your approach to helping us with this opportunity. I am impressed that you were interested enough in our business and this project to visit the plant and meet with us in person. Also, the flexibility of viewing the contract in 3 parts, (design, construction, and installation) helped us manage risk, and reduced our exposure to retainage on the entire value of the project.”

Knowledgeable.   Goldleaf’s staff of surety specialists has a combined 80 plus years of experience in the surety industry.   No one else in the industry puts together a more comprehensive and thorough underwriting file than Goldleaf’s staff.   We know what is critical to the underwriting process and how to provide consultation to clients on changes that can be made now and into the future which will have a direct impact on their bonding capacity.  Goldleaf is a surety-only specialist.   Our surety specialist can be your agency’s “back room” bonding professionals, giving your agency bonding expertise which otherwise may not be available.  This in turn allows you to keep a long-term customer from looking elsewhere, or possibly allows your agency to add a significant customer that you have solicited for years.

“Goldleaf has secured the multi-million dollar bonds necessary to win and complete projects; something no one else has been willing or able to do.”

“Goldleaf adds a lot of value to the surety bonding process by being proactive and anticipating our underwriting needs.”

See how you can benefit by teaming up with Goldleaf and our surety specialists on all your bond needs!