Surety Bonds and the Summer Solstice

The June solstice marks the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the start of summer with its early sunrises, late sunsets and long, warm days in between.

And while we celebrate the longest day of the year for the many wonderful benefits it brings with it – Goldleaf Surety strives to make sure that the bond application process does not feel like the longest day of your year.

In fact, on smaller bid, performance and payment bonds, Goldleaf Surety may be able to help your insured get the bonds they need with just a one-page application through our Short Cut Bond ProgramAnd now, Goldleaf’s Short Cut Bond Program has sureties that will entertain up to a $500,000 single and aggregate program.

Goldleaf works with a variety of sureties under our Short Cut Bond Program which uses the owners’ credit scores as the primary underwriting criterion.  Each of these sureties has their own unique underwriting requirements so even if one surety is unable or unwilling to entertain a particular risk Goldleaf does have other options. Because Goldleaf has access to several surety markets with similar programs, we may be able to assist your insured even if they have already been denied due to the owners’ personal credit scores or the type of work being performed.

And, if necessary, Goldleaf has access to over two dozen surety markets – ranging from “standard” surety markets, to those with departments having strong “commercial” expertise, to “specialty” surety markets – giving Goldleaf the ability to redirect and find a different way help your insured obtain the bonding support they need.

Finally, Goldleaf’s staff will do a good job of helping clients migrate out of these programs to get expanded surety lines of credit – rather than allowing contractors to get “trapped” in these small programs where they do not receive any surety counsel that is needed to help them grow.

So while you are celebrating the summer solstice and the long, warm days of summer remember that Goldleaf Surety is here to make the underwriting process quick and easy!