What our Clients are Saying About Our Bond Services

No matter what the project, we are confident Goldleaf will do their best to find us surety support we require.

— Roger and Jan Saathoff, Saathoff, Inc

Goldleaf’s customer service is excellent.

— Sam Bull, Inc.

They scratch below the surface and utilize a variety of different means to understand and mitigate risk.

— Robert Thomas, The Hanover Insurance Group

Once the improvements (that Goldleaf suggested) were made to my client’s financial statements, Goldleaf was able to secure bonding with no collateral requirements nor funds control.

— Christopher J. Hughes, CIC, SwingleCollins and Associates

Goldleaf adds considerable value to the underwriting process with a keen eye toward protecting their surety markets.

— Steven Cade, Underwriter

Goldleaf Surety has specific expertise in obtaining performance bonds for IT services firms…and has an excellent understanding of the correlation between performance bonds and technology E&O insurance.

— Jim Cochran, TechInsurance

Goldleaf adds a lot of value to the surety bonding process by being proactive and anticipating our underwriting needs.

— Sharleen Bowser, Capital Insurance Companies

My experience with Goldleaf Surety has been a very refreshing experience.

— Goldleaf Customer

Without their help, we would never have been able to bid on projects in the public sector.

— Dave Brandenburg, Roskop and Associates

It is a great pleasure working with Goldleaf Surety Services, and its employees.

— Underwriter, “A” Rated Surety

Goldleaf has really gone the extra mile for us, and that’s why we’ve stayed with them.

— Nickie Scholl, Northern Lights Steel Fabrication

The surety capacity Goldleaf has been able to deliver to us over the years is extraordinary by the standards that normally operate in the US surety industry.

— Wayne Johnson, Nol-Tec Systems

Goldleaf helped us take steps toward improving our financials to the point that our bottom line has been positively impacted.

— Dale Klein, Voss Plumbing and Heating of Paynesville, Inc.

Goldleaf has secured the multi-million dollar bonds necessary to win and complete projects; something no one else has been willing or able to do.

— Randy Jensen, Innovative Communications, Inc.

Thank you for your help in dealing with our client and the indemnity process. Everyone at Goldleaf Surety has done an excellent job with this difficult bond request…

— Goldleaf Customer

Thanks for all your hard work on these…I will be using Goldleaf for all my bonds from now on. It’s the best bond experience ever!

— Paulette, Insurance Agent

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the service you and Goldleaf deliver! AMAZING!!

— Stacie, Insurance Agent

Once again you have made us look good. I appreciate everybody’s hard work on this one.

— Kerry, Insurance Account Manager

Thank you so much for all the work that you did on this account and all the help that you gave me. I can assure you that Goldleaf is my go to surety carrier. You guys are the best!!

— Shari, Commercial Lines Agent

Thank you for both your prompt and thorough response…Needless to say, you are “go to” for bonds…

— Bill, Agency President

I want to commend you on your approach to helping us with this opportunity. I am impressed that you were interested enough in our business and this project to visit the plant and meet with us in person. Also, the flexibility of viewing the contract in 3 parts, (design, construction, and installation) helped us manage risk, and reduced our exposure to retainage on the entire value of the project.

— Dan, General Manager

Thank you very much Jack – everyone at Goldleaf is always awesome!

— Karen, Agent

I really enjoyed working with you as well & appreciate how smooth and straightforward you have made this process.

— Ann, General Contractor

Wow, you make this easy!

— Becky, Agent

You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate all your help.

— Ashley, Commercial Account Manager

I just wanted to let you know that Goldleaf gave my insured some good advice…Thank you to Rita and Jack for all your work with this insured.

— Abby, Agent

Thank you for your usual extremely fine service!

— Kevin, Agent

[They] are a very important client to our company so your willingness to field my question late on a Friday afternoon is GREATLY appreciate! You are a lifesaver! We valued your troubleshooting ideas and your willingness to provide guidance is key to why we love to use Goldleaf!

— Jill, Agent

You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much.

— Stephen, Vice President and Agent

Wow – thanks Cal!…The insured wanted you to know how grateful they were for the help from both yourself and Jack Anderson…Thanks again.

— Sandy, Agent

Thank you so much for revisiting our rates with [the surety]. We have always valued the service that you and Jack offer to us and enjoy our relationship with Goldleaf.

— Lori, Contractor

Just wanted to tell you what a great job Brad did for [our contractor]…Fantastic communication with myself and the client, always keeping us in the loop. Thank you to Brad and the entire team at Goldleaf for the ability to get this tough bond placed.

— Matthew, Agent

You have been excellent to work with and appreciate how thorough you are on all follow ups and answers to my questions

— Julie, Office Administrator and Estimator

You are unbelievable. Thank you so much!

— Edward, President/CEO

Great thanks so much! We don’t do a lot of bonds, but I’ve never seen one turned around this quick so we really appreciate your efforts.

— Susan, Senior Account Manager

I can not tell you how much we have appreciated the service your firm and all involved have given to us over the years. You have made a foreign and complicated process easy, have been available to answer questions and help us as needed, and have been friendly and professional at all times.

— Jack, Client

You folks were awesome! I appreciate your excellent effort and will look to Goldleaf first in the future.

— Kevin, Agent

Many, MANY thanks to you…Thank you, thank you, thank you!…You’re awesome to work with and I’m impressed by your customer service!

— Nicole, Agent

We are very grateful for the outstanding service we have received over the many years, especially with short notice bid bond requests…Goldleaf has always afforded us the highest level of service possible.

— Eric, Contractor

I can’t thank you enough for coming through for me today. I really appreciate your help! The customer was amazed and appreciative as well.

— Paul, Agency Owner