Goldleaf Surety Has Markets for Decommissioning Bonds

In our November 30th blog, we looked at Software and Technology bonds and Goldleaf Surety’s success with placing bonds for this class of business.  Another class of bond which falls under the large commercial bond umbrella is a decommissioning bond.  These bonds can be extremely difficult to obtain and many sureties simply do not entertain this type of risk.  However, Goldleaf Surety does have markets for a company with the financial strength to qualify.

A recent success story:

  • $6,000,000 in Nuclear Decommissioning bonds over 10 states for a medical equipment supply company. In addition to the difficult class of bond involved, the company is also owned by a private equity firm.  Goldleaf Surety has established itself as one of the best in the nation at placing bonds for companies owned by private equity firms, and we know how to deal with all the unique underwriting challenges that come with this ownership structure.

Large Commercial Surety Bonds such as Software and Technology bonds and Decommissioning bonds are a very unique type of bond. Let the experienced team of bond specialists at Goldleaf Surety help you navigate the process, mitigate risks, and do all of this in a very timely fashion.  For more information on bonds – or for help with your client’s bond needs – contact Goldleaf Surety Services today.