Goldleaf Surety Services Celebrating 20 Years

On April 1, 1998,  Goldleaf Financial, Ltd. began operations in Montevideo, Minnesota.  And while the company has undergone many changes throughout the past 20 years, one thing has remained consistent – our reputation as the most comprehensive surety services company in the US.

When other surety bond specialists or companies are restricted by size, specialty divisions, or other constraints that limit the entire bonding process, Goldleaf has continually brought it all together under one roof.  Our highly experienced staff and refined practices often allow us to assist companies in obtaining surety support where others have said no.  Our surety specialists create surety bond results for all types of companies and specific bonding requirements.  And we are experts at providing consultation on what changes can be made now and into the future that will have a direct impact on a company’s surety program.

We realize that it is our relationships with you – our agents, contractors and surety partners – that have made the past 20 years so successful and for that, we would like to thank you!  We are looking forward to continuing our relationships for many years to come.