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Troublesome Contract Clauses: Pay-If-Paid Clause

Craig Martin, Attorney with Lamson, Dugan & Murray, discussed several troublesome contract clauses that contractors need to be aware of during his presentation at the Construction Law Seminar held March 10th. One of these is the Pay-If-Paid clause. These clauses eliminate the obligation to pay the subcontractor until the general contractor is paid by the owner. Mr. Martin pointed out that, normally, a party to a contract must perform its obligations under the contract in a "reasonable … [Read more...]

Tips for Managing an OSHA Inspection

One of the topics covered at the March 10th Construction Law Seminar by presenter Craig Martin, Attorney with Lamson, Dugan & Murray, was how to manage an OSHA Inspection. The threat of an OSHA safety inspection is very real. In 2014, OSHA and the various states with their own OSHA programs, performed over 83,000 inspections. And given that two of the top three most frequently cited violations, fall protection and scaffolding, involve construction standards, the threat is even more real … [Read more...]

Goldleaf Surety Services Construction Law Seminar

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, Goldleaf Surety Services hosted a Contractor's Construction Law Seminar at the Embassy Suites in Omaha, Nebraska. Keynote Speaker was Craig Martin. Craig is a partner in the law firm of Lamson Dugan and Murray, LLP in Omaha. He has a background in all aspects of construction law. He has experience in handling a wide variety of litigation in the commercial and business tort arena. His practice emphasizes construction and employment matters, but he also has … [Read more...]