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Goldleaf Surety to Attend IIAW Annual Trade Show

Goldleaf Surety's Regional Sales Manager Kevin L. Kohlbeck will be attending¬† the 2017 IIAW Annual Convention and Trade Show.¬† This year's convention is being held at the Madison Marriott West in Middleton. The IIAW promises this will not be your father's trade show but rather a trade show revolution.¬† So we invite you to immerse yourself in the IIAW's Convention Showcase experience and be a part of the trade show revolution. Please plan to visit our booth at the Trade Show on Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Fidelity Bonds

A fidelity bond is a bond which indemnifies an employer against financial loss due to the dishonesty of an employee or protects a business from certain types of damage caused by employees. This type of protection is not mandatory in most states, but it does shield a company from expenses that are not covered by other policies. There are several types of fidelity bonds, each providing specific coverage: Employee Dishonesty: Do you want to protect yourself from employee theft? Employee … [Read more...]