In Surety Relationships Matter

"Surety underwriting is the "art" of applying subjective thinking and analysis to the "science" of the facts and truths." (National Association of Surety Bond Producers, Commercial Surety Fundamentals). Goldleaf bond specialists, staff and management spent an enjoyable day of fishing and fun with representatives from one of our surety partners.  Opportunities such as these provide Goldleaf Surety the chance to get a better understanding of how the surety company's underwriters evaluate the … [Read more...]

What is My Underwriter Talking About When She Refers to the “Four C’s”?

The first C refers to Capital.  The surety underwriter analyzes the company’s financial position as represented by its financial statements.  A company’s financial statements show its current state, including its working capital, its debt to equity ratio, and how profitable it is. The second C is Capacity.  The surety underwriter needs to be comfortable in a company’s ability to perform the bonded project.  For this C, the surety company will look at non-financial information such as resumes of … [Read more...]