Interview With a Contract Bond Underwriter – Meet Amy Nordaune

Amy_8995eThis week I would like you to meet Goldleaf Account Specialist, Amy Nordaune.  Amy grew up on a farm near New Ulm, Minnesota.  She is married with two children, a son and a daughter.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, golfing, watching sporting events, running, reading, and traveling.   Amy is the daredevil here at Goldleaf – zip lining over a 700 foot gorge in Mexico on one of her trips!  Amy is the chairperson for the Education Committee at her church as well as a Sunday School teacher.  She also loves helping out in her children’s classroom.

What are the most common bonds you place?

Within our Contract Bond Department, we do all types of bonds for various contractors and companies including all construction trades, subcontractors, artisan contractors, service contractors and specialty manufactures.

Within our Commercial Bond Department, we handle all types of license & permit bonds, including the DEMPOS & Minnesota Personal Care Assistant bonds; court bonds, ERISA bonds; and fidelity bonds.  In addition, our Commercial Bond Department also handles books of bonds.

What are some of the most difficult bonds you have placed?

Within our Contract Bond Department,  we have placed some extremely difficult bonds including  bonds for environmental work – including asbestos abatement;   subdivision and site improvement work;  underwater work;  software, IT and technology-related work;   multi-year service contracts;  and bonding support for private equity companies.

We also have a great deal of capacity for applicants – both within our Contract Department and our Commercial Department –  that are in a distressed credit/financial condition.