Goldleaf Is Your Surety Only Specialist

Goldleaf Surety Services is a national surety-only specialist.  We do not retail any insurance – we deal only in surety bonds.   If your insured goes to another agency for their bond needs, that agency always has an “in” for providing competitive quotes on the insurance.  Goldleaf is the agent’s “back room” bonding professional.  We can give your agency bonding expertise which otherwise may not be available allowing you to keep a long-term customer from looking elsewhere, or possibly allowing your agency to add a significant customer that you have solicited for years.

Our surety specialists are experienced professionals with backgrounds in areas such as accounting, law and business finance. When other surety bond specialists or companies are restricted by size, specialty divisions, or other constraints that limit the entire bonding process, Goldleaf brings it all together under one roof.  In addition, we counsel clients to help them develop their surety program so that it grows as their business grows.

Licensed in all 50 states, we create surety bond results for all types of companies and specific bonding requirements. We are able to leverage key surety company partnerships to give Goldleaf Surety an advantage that other simply do not have.